Happy New World

Happy Start of the World, everyone!

Actually, from where I sit, the world didn’t end this evening. I trust that, if I’m to believe physicists (and I have the right end of their circular stick in my zero gravity vacuum—uh-oh, that sounds crook)… As I was saying, if I’m to believe physicists and everything that can happen does happen, then in some universes there were angels and wroth on the radar.
Good luck, those infidels. Enjoy the forty days without fundamentalists. And, God, be kind.

Now, on important things, like writing.

I’ve finally edged sideways into steampunk. I was writing a short story for the Dames and Damnation anthology, and created a city in the mountain-rimmed valley of Numinbard. It has buildings intermingled with trees, and a slope running down the valley from north to south. The Riders (Skaters?) carry bricks down from the high northern quarry. They skate down the curving paths with backpacks on their backs, which contain quarried bricks and deflated bubble-coffins. Then they hitch a ride back up through the heated water channels within the mountains, enclosed in their bubble-coffins with enough air to survive the ride. They’re so cool that they sleep through this. Then they get spat out the top in the hot spas in the high north.

I love this idea of using natural energy for motion. Heat rises, gravity…er…inspires descent. Perpetual motion has intrigued me for as long as I can remember, and this is pretty close. They are forces that can be relied upon for a fair while, anyway.

I don’t think this story will turn out to be suitable for that anthology, but that’s okay. It reminds me of a question someone asked at Gold Coast Literati. It’s one I’ve heard a few times, from new writers. It’s along the lines of, ‘What do I do if I get a new idea while I’m writing a story and I want to write that one instead?’

The answer is that you can do whatever you want, because you’re the writer. But you have to finish things, and look for markets for them, if you want to be published. I have no qualms about abandoning anything I’m writing, for a little while or forever, if it turns out I’ve done whatever I had to do with that idea. Hence, I have plenty of half written stories and synopses.

But I do get stuff finished, too. Still, I don’t see the point of forcing yourself to finish something if you’ve fallen out of love with it. If you, as the writer, do not think it is mighty fine work, it must limit the odds that anyone else will.

Good luck to everyone in the ended and continuing worlds. [Perhaps the everything-that-can-happen-does-happen doesn’t apply to things that don’t exist. Physicists, what say your theorems? Do angels, dragons, fairies, gods, exist?]

And when is the next end of the world? These days we’re all so into cycles, you know, New Year, spring, Financial Cycles and continuing Global Crises, Terrible Times ended by Royal Weddings and Murder. The whole end of the world business felt rather fun.

Happy New World : )